Collagen supplements are safe to take; they play an important role in enhancing healthy connective tissues, which are part of the structural component in the human body. Collagen supplements are in the form of oral tablets, injectable forms and topical forms.

Collagen is the fibrous scleroprotein in cartilage, muscles, blood vessels, skin, bones, digestive system, tendon and other connective tissues.

Collagen among the proteins is the most abundant in the human body, particularly the type 1 collagen. It gives the skin elasticity and strength; it also helps in replacing the dead cells on the skin.

Collagen acts as a ‘glue’ and assists in holding together the tendons and the joints.

The production of collagen in the human body decreases with age, resulting to sagging skins, wrinkles and pains on the joints.

There are other lifestyle factors that cause production of Collagen such as taking a diet with high levels of sugar, excessive exposure to sunlight and smoking.

Research has shown that collagen related health conditions are linked to low intake in diet rich in collagen, genetic factors, digestive problems and nutritional deficiencies.

There are as many as sixteen types of collagen, naming from types 1,2,3,5 and 10 among others. In most cases, there are collagens of type 1, 2 and 3, with type 1 collagen taking the lead with over 90% in the human body.

Type 1 collagen is made of eosinophilic fibers, which are parts of the human body, including organs, dermis (skin), tendons and ligaments.

Value to the Human Body / Benefits

  1. Collagen has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces swelling
  2. Collagen is effective in the treatment of Osteoarthritis
  3. Collagen improves on the health of the skin and hair
  4. Collagen helps in strengthening the hair, nails and the teeth
  5. Collagen is useful in improving the health of the Liver
  6. Collagen Reduces the pains in the joints and helps in rejuvenating the joints by building
  7. the cartilage in the connective tissues, this is necessary in healing age associated joint pains and in managing arthritis. It is necessary in the general bone health
  8. Collagen helps in boosting muscle mass, metabolism and energy output
  9. Collagen helps in healing of a leaky gut
  10. Collagen helps in would healing and holding the tissues together so that they do not tear with ease
  11. Collagen improves on the health of the cardiovascular system, hence allowing better circulation of the lymph fluids and blood through the human body.
  12. Collagen is also useful in forming Basal Lamina useful in functioning of the blood vessels and nerves.
  13. Collagen is useful in the formation of endochondral ossification; this is in repairing the synovial joints and the healing of bone fractures.


Collagen has a moderate absorbability, and takes place in the digestive system, oral collagen according to a study conducted by Kyoto Prefectural University in Japan indicated that collagen is absorbed into the bloodstream, and then travels to the skin and takes shape in improving the skin among other functions in various parts of the body.

Consumption Methods / Best Served Methods

Collagen supplements are generally considered safe, with the inclusion of oral collagen and other forms of collagen administered as ointments and creams. Collagen injections are safe but highly regulated by the health authorities; they should be administered by registered medical practitioners, considering that some people are prone to immune disorders that could result to reactions.